Good morning!

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Be happy and be positive today. If you think it you’ll become it so go easy on yourself today and give it a try!! Whether you’re letting your hair down or cozying up in front of the fire, have yourself a lovely weekend ….x



It’s Christmas Time!!

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I love this time of year…going inside and feeling the whush of warmth, smelling homely scents like lit scented candles, home baking the lights the tree and all of the extra little touches that people make to their own homes. I was thinking for you all and came across this little link for ideas for books as a stocking filler, give it click. And remember try to keep yourself stress free and take one day at a time. Christmas shouldn’t be a chore it’s about you and your family and close ones x


Stephen King’s The Drawing of The Three | A Review

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The Drawing Of The Three – The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.

**This review contains some spoilers!!**

And so Rolands quest continues! A mere few hours after the events in the first book, The Gunslinger, Roland awakes from his bizarre encounter with the man in black to find himself on a strange beach. Before he can find his bearings he is attacked by giant killer crabs. After a near fatal encounter with these vicious beings, Roland finds himself badly injured and feverish from infection. He tries to seek refuge and it isn’t long before he comes across another bizarre event; 3 strange doors that appear to be suspended on their own with no wall or hinge from which to hang from. Each door is inscribed with a different tarot card that appeared during Rolands earlier encounter with the man in black. Roland opens the doors and they appear to be a passageway into a New York City very similar to our own….

This is where I will stop with the spoiler because I feel there is enough there of the plot summary to give a good sense of the book. These books, of the two I have read, are some of the most imaginative and fantastic series that I have ever read. This book is a fitting sequel to the first of the spell-binding series- The Gunslinger. It’s a definite page-turner and in the end will leave you begging for more. Although personally I thought The Gunslinger left more to be desired, The Drawing of the Three more than makes up for its minor flaws and leads you ever closer to the climax of Roland’s epic quest.

I really enjoyed the first book, The Gunslinger, but the edginess and page turning in this book is even better than the last. It is in this book that you will feel the long, wonderful, magical and incredibly fun, bizarre and wholly original journey of Roland. One of the Dark Tower Series’ greatest strengths is Stephen King’s remarkable description. It makes you not only see but feel the sorroundings. King definetely showcased this talent in this book, and put you through one heck of a ride. From the moment you begin the book you are taken to a a different world, Roland’s world, a desolate beach full of terrible “lobstrosities” that King takes great pains to describe. Something I found a little exhausting to read at times. King also describes New York City in depth through Roland’s eyes, a truly monumental challenge considering Roland is oblivious to the technological marvels of our world.

But the greatest feat the book has accomplished is, without question, the whimsical ensemble of characters King creates. The man is genius. The cast is full of interesting stories, an odd group of crusaders bound by the same “ka”. Eddie Dean is perhaps the most memorable, a heroin addict fighting his addiction and the New York Underworld, reluctantly “drawn” by Roland to quest for the great tower. But Odetta Homes can’t be overshadowed- as well as her secret evil double- Detta Walker. She’s a schizophrenic, fighting her dark half which threatens to rule her, which makes this such a brilliant story. The third character who is drawn also fits surprisingly into the storyline and sets the stage for a thrilling climax.

I really recommend this book, and I really recommend the series. However, for the time being I am taking a break from the series to concentrate on reading the 5 other books I have waiting to be read and reviewed! I will return to the third book after I have read some other genres and have reviewed some of those for you!

Until then, happy reading!!

Leona x


Hello June!



There is something so wonderful about feeling the summer months rolling in. Especially here in the West of Ireland where our beaches and our towns and villages are lit up so brightly, and not just with the sun but with people’s smiles.

The winter can be harsh to get through and it’s so nice to just be able to let yourself breath. I try to set myself small goals each month and this month I am going to try and get out into nature more; my holidays aren’t coming around until the end of September but there is so much to do and see in Ireland that I am going to try and tick off a few places on my list before I fly off to a different country.

I am also going to try and exercise harder for the month of June! It is great running weather after all. And finally, I am going to try and drink more green tea. Of course, I also have many great books to get stuck into that I need to review also. I am making preperations for a competition on my Facebook page too, so watch this space!!

Leona x



I Have Gone “Live” !!

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So I took the plunge and have launched a website to correspond with everything I am doing with reading, writing and reviewing!!
I just want to say thank you to everyone here on WordPress for all of your support since I’ve started publishing here, and hopefully you will keep me in your browser or “bookmark” my website to skim over from time to time!!
Here’s the link:

Thanks again 😊 x