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The Dark Tower | The Gunslinger – Review

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When I was a teenager growing up I couldn’t stand any horror films or books, so to say that my closest raised an eyebrow when I picked up the Darktower series by Stephen King, would be an understatement.

The Gunslinger isn’t the typical book that I would pick up but I was pleasantly surprised and I am now making my way through the second book in the series.
Here is my review of the book:

This is the first instalment in Stephen Kings fantasy series. Just to go into a little background on the books first. The series was written over a 30 year period, over seven books, with a total of 3712 pages. So when I bought the first book and researched a little about the background of it (which I am very guilty of doing a lot)v then I knew that I was in for quite a read, especially because Mr. King dedicated so much of his time and his life to writing about this one particular, quite amazing, character. But we’ll get to him later.
This first book is quite easy to get through because it is only 238 pages long, and it is here that we are introduced to Roland – the gunslinger – and his journey to reach “the dark tower” that we quite frustratingly know nothing about. But this is what keeps you turning those pages.

The book is quite slow to build up but stick with it. This allows you become accustomed to the world that you are walking hand in hand in with Roland. The characterization of the book is important in this regard because you really get to know and feel for Roland and the other few characters that you will meet along the way. It would be true to say that this book sets the scene perfectly for introducing you to the complexities that you will reach further into in the books that follow.

All in, this book is a little slow and laborious to get through in parts but remind yourself that this is all for a reason, so as to build you up gradually to the next book in this very gripping saga.

There does exist a new and revised edition that I would urge you to purchase if you do decide to embark on the Dark Tower series. It contains an extra Introduction and foreword by Stephen King as well as a 28 page extract from the second book “The Drawing Of The Three”.

Another thing that I have to add here that probably wouldnt be agreed on by many others is how alike I felt Roland was to the Gunslinger character in the new Sky Drama “Penny Dreadful” which is played by Josh Hartnett. Wheter or not the creators of this show based their Gunslinger on Stephen Kings masterpiece is yet to be ackowledged.

This would also be a great gift for any man in your life for a birthday, Fathers Day or for Christmas. Especially if they are into the westerns.

Let me know what you thought about the book and if you enjoyed it!

Leona x


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