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It’s hard to remain true to yourself sometimes in a world full of competition and judgements at every corner. How do you remind yourself to remain true to you ?


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    • Hey David! Wow oh my god! I’m really honestly so flattered and thrilled that you would nominate me! Do I need to do anything next? Thank you so much for reading my blog and giving me such valued feedback, it really means a lot to me.



      • You just post 11 random facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions and then nominate 11 blogs you admire. Its a bit of work but nice to pay it forward (o:


      • It sure is!! Ive never been nominated for anything like this before and I am thrilled to get a “nod” from fellow writers!! Its hard putting your thoughts and things out there into the world and I feel we all need to support each other! This is great!! Thank you so much, I’ll get working on my “interview” now!! haha And then of course I’ll work on my own nominations too! P.s I’m just finishing up a Collection of Short Stories by Graham Greene and starting on the first of the Dark Tower series!! Obsessed with Stephen King too….Even though I couldn’t get into him in my teens I was too scared!


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