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Day 11 Of 40: Every Day Superheroes

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You might not think it. But you know a Superhero.

Maybe you look in the mirror and see one there, looking back at you. Maybe it’s a person close to you that volunteers with people who are less fortunate than ourselves. It could be the ordinary man walking down the street that helps the person that has suddenly taken ill. It is the Mother that gets her young children through the battlefield of everyday life. It’s the ordinary person getting up and going to work everyday, earning an honest wage and living an honest life. Just putting themselves out there, and hoping for the best.

You could be the friend always at the end of the phone, answering phone calls and text messages to your friend that is having a hard time in their life, even though your own life isn’t great at the moment. But still, everyone needs a hero, right?

Everybody carries their own cross. Everyone has their own battles to fight every day, their own demons to face. As humans, we are drawn to helping someone that is struggling. It is in us to do so, especially if it is someone whom we love very dearly. We might be inclined to step up, our superhero cape dramatically draped across our shoulders, ready to save them. After all, it is our duty, right?

I learned a long time ago, that not every battle can be fought or every demon banished by someone holding your hand. Some battles we have to fight on our own. It is lonely, scary and possibly life changing. But that is why it happens. If we don’t stand on our own two feet and take our own lives into our own hands, we will never be able to conquer our fears, or our insecurities. We would never  grow or change by being led or shielded by another person, no matter how good their intentions may be.

No matter how much you may view yourself as Rapunzel in her lone tower, waiting for some handsome prince on a white horse, to climb your unattainable ideas of love. Or no matter how desperately you wish you could take your own steps into the world without being minded or shadowed by a parent or some other close person, then you will never know true triumph in the defeat of all your fears. You will continue to live your life through the eyes of the Superhero that innocently steps in to your rescue.

Our own demons, that we want rid of, are inside our own souls. And we guard our own souls with the most care. No-one wants to leave themselves completely open.

And thats the irony of it all; even though we may have someone who wants to make our everyday life easier for us, or someone who wants to save us – everything that is wrong with us is hidden so deep inside that no one can get in far enough to slay all of our problems. Apart from one person: ourselves.

We are the only ones who can walk into the deepest, darkest places of who we are, and get rid of all of the things that stop us from loving ourselves. Before we can love anything in this life, we need to learn how to love who we are, before we can love anyone or anything else that comes to us. You might be the endless superhero, the one who constantly rescues those around you in subtle everyday meaningful ways, or you can be your own superhero realising your faults and your flaws, but loving yourself and helping yourself all the same.

The world is full of brokenness, full of darkness. But we all have to learn how to fight through it and to see past all of the defeat and hurt that tries to chip away at us everyday. We aspire to be a good person despite all of these factors stacked against us, and to be a beautiful soul because of it.

Think of the last person you tried to save. Perhaps you tried to love them too much, just so that they know there is happiness and light in the world available to them. Perhaps you made a fool out of yourself letting someone know how special, important and unique they are, inside and out. Perhaps you’ve exhausted yourself and your emotions hoping they would understand how desperately you want to see them do better. Maybe you’ve become hurt in your efforts because you learned the hard way that you can’t save anyone. No matter how hard you try.

“You cannot save people; you can only love them” – This is a saying that is around a long time. And it is true. That is more than enough for anybody to ask of you in this lifetime. Love gives you strength, resilience and courage. It helps the unhelpful help themselves – to be their own hero in their own life.

If you give those to a person you are more than a superhero, you are giving them a gift that lasts a lifetime. A gift that will sow a seed of self belief. A faith and hope that, if used properly, will bring out the best possible version of themselves. But a person needs to want to change. They have to want to do better, and be better.

The only thing you can do is love people, pray for them and be there when they need you.

You can’t be a superhuman and save everyone, as much as you would like to. If only it was that easy. However, you can be their strength, and your own, in this crazy roller coaster of life. These heroes don’t come with capes, they can’t fly and they don’t have super powers. But they do have a heart though. A big one.

If you’re lucky enough to meet one, try to remember – they’re only trying to help and have you, at heart.








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