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Why my feet will always be the most beautiful part of me ….

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Pretty strange topic….feet. I don’t think too many people out there in the world will agree with my statement that I feel they are the most beautiful part of my body. They sometimes stink, they don’t always look appealing or attractive, they can be so bland to most people that you don’t even notice they are there. But I think your feet are the most important and most beautiful part of you.

No matter how ugly you feel, how insecure, how overweight, how beautiful or how successful you are; your feet will never change. It’s hard to look back on your life and look at it constructively and positively. There is always something more you could have done, or perhaps, something you would have done differently if you knew now what you didn’t know then. But you never stop to think of the one thing that got you there, through it all, piece by piece, struggle after struggle, step by step.

The one thing we seem to over look as human beings is our own perfect bodies. The way every part, every limb, is so elegantly crafted together to make this amazing person. You.

You may be struggling right now with your own personal war; you may think you are not good enough, you may think you are not worthy of love or any goodness to come out of your life. You may constantly struggle with yourself to be better than this person, or that person, or trying to live up to what you believe is the “perfect body”, or to be “most successful” when the simple plain truth is you have just lost sight of the value in yourself. Everything you need to get to where you want to be and how you want to be, is already there, installed inside you. You don’t need to be anybody else but yourself.

Feet can be a very true reflection of life. They get bruised and torn up, and when they are neglected, they start to fall apart. Yet, a simple bathing in water, or a gentle rub, or a quick lacquer of pretty nail polish can completely transform them. It is the same with you!!

Could you imagine how horrible it would be to not have your feet?! You get up in the morning every day and you stand on them, you put your shoes on, you walk the dog, you run, you work, you dance, you rub them against your favorite person while watching TV, yet you never realize their true value. The same as you don’t realize your own unique potential. Look at how you may be treating yourself. You are a piece of this amazing earth, without you in this big jigsaw puzzle, something would always never fit.

My favorite part of my body is my feet because they got me to where I am today. They carried immense weight in times when I felt like the achievable was unachievable, when I felt like I would never gain ground. And yet look where they have taken me to. I have walked most of the East African coast. I have walked in Central Africa and Sudan, I walked around New York City and Boston, I dipped my toes in the waters of Niagara Falls and have even walked in the deserts of Egypt, always thinking how lucky I was that I could be in these places, and see all of these great things with my most favorite companions beneath me.

Don’t get me wrong, my life, like yours, has series of ups and downs, times of great sadness but also times of great joy. I may have been suffering or struggling with things but I opened my eyes to the bigger picture and realized that there is so much to be thankful for. Look at your feet, look at your journey, look at your struggles but also look at the little blessings you have right now and continue to look for them everyday. Look kindly and compassionately on yourself, things can be difficult, but there are two pillars of strength beneath you that have always been there, and who have always believed in you.

So tell me…Where will you go today…??

I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes — until I met a man who had no feet.- Jewish proverb


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I am a young lady (in every sense of the word) ...and I love to write. I love to write about anything, it doesn't bother me, once I'm getting words onto the page I don't mind. I like to serve up a piece of myself for people to read, or glance over, it doesn't matter if my words stay with them for 2 minutes, or 2 years. Once I have a piece of myself out in this world, then I'm happy. Words on a page, make me shine. Especially if they are my own. And I love to shine. It's very hard to shine in this wonderful world of ours, these days. I've started a project on my Wordpress blog called "The Girl". I would love any feedback or any advice from readers about it. I would love to hear from you and I would love to read your blog too, so get in contact and thanks for stopping by!

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