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What is it about being the oldest child???

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We all remember it…..that moment when both of our adoring parents fuss over the fact that your radiant Mother has another ‘bun in the oven’. The sheer horror of realizing that they have to tell child model number 1 that there will be somebody else sharing the nest in a few months time. Never mind the rigmarole of telling family and friends, oh no….. telling your first-born that they no longer hold all of your undivided attention? Now that is a very scary life moment to get through indeed!!

I remember my sister when she decided to grace this world with her presence. I was 3 and I couldn’t help but notice how she resembled an egg of some kind. I remember the first time I met this little lady, because my Mother placed her lovingly, tenderly, even gingerly, into my lap where I immediately felt the weight of this baby and became way too concerned about the lovely dress I had worn to the occasion. As if I was meeting the Queen herself. But I became instantly disillusioned by the whole thing. I mean, I was built up to this moment by two grown-ups who cared about me, and all they could do was place this thing I didn’t know anything about into my lap, and she clearly needed to be changed.

Time passes and surely her little disposition grows into a fine archetype of the original blueprint, and I quickly realize my affection towards this little helpless creature that everyone puts the word ‘sister’ on. I’m almost sure they told me her name was Jamie-Lee…..Hmm. I particularly like her hair, and I spend most of my time combing it and tying it up in my colorful bobbins and fancy pins. I get a little too enthusiastic at times, and that’s when the dreaded screams start. I have exactly 2.5 seconds to stop this ear-piercing sound before my Mother runs to see what I have done to my little sister. And there it is…..The start of it all….Trying to build up a case of innocence for yourself at the age of 5 isn’t particularly easy. Gazing up towards the dizzy heights of the grown up, with a look of sheer disbelief at the complete ridiculousness of it all, you can almost see the little critter smiling. And that is when you know that life will never be the same again. And that is when your little sibling becomes educated in the ranks of the sibling army.Every little argument, every little dress you ever owned that you never wanted anybody else to own, every little nice thing that you hold so close to your little heart, is without doubt, left hanging at the words “Ah, give it to your ‘little sister, you should share with your little sister, ah look she’s only small“. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!! She, or he, can forever play this card.

Sibling rivalry can get pretty ugly but I’ve been lucky with my little sister. I have my memories, but to this day she remains my one steady true friend in this world, and in so many ways I see myself so much in her. Growing up and learning from one another, we thought each other how to share, how to love another person, how to care for someone completely, unrequited and non-suspecting of the other. We also learned how to stick up for one another, and trust one another before trusting all others. There is so much more to come in both of our lives to look forward to yet, and I’m sure there will be plenty more funny memories, and plenty more opportunities for her to pull the best card in the deck.

I’m pretty sure she was my first friend. And I’m completely happy to say that. I love her….



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I am a young lady (in every sense of the word) ...and I love to write. I love to write about anything, it doesn't bother me, once I'm getting words onto the page I don't mind. I like to serve up a piece of myself for people to read, or glance over, it doesn't matter if my words stay with them for 2 minutes, or 2 years. Once I have a piece of myself out in this world, then I'm happy. Words on a page, make me shine. Especially if they are my own. And I love to shine. It's very hard to shine in this wonderful world of ours, these days. I've started a project on my Wordpress blog called "The Girl". I would love any feedback or any advice from readers about it. I would love to hear from you and I would love to read your blog too, so get in contact and thanks for stopping by!

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