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Letting Go….



Have you ever sat on a decision? Now I’m not talking about decisions on whether or not you should have beans or spaghetti for dinner (well maybe!!) but I mean real life changing stuff? Like changing your career, putting that down payment on your dream home, settling down or taking that gap year you’ve always wanted to take, or just doing something for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to actually do it?
Why do we wait? Why do we sit on something that we are obviously supposed to do? Is happiness just a state of mind that is achieved on bonus hits of consecutive positive decisions? Or is it something we achieve from being at the lowest ebb we can reach?
In life, it seems we cannot be who we want to be unless we make a huge sacrifice that could potentially destroy us, but staying the same, in the same rut, seems to be an even bigger sin. Could you say you would leave your stability, your day to day, to find true happiness? Is money really what motivates us? Or are there other underlying issues that make us not walk through a crossroads, onto a particular path, to achieve our ultimate goals for ourselves?
Is it selfish to go in search of your dreams, to find out who you truly are, forsaking personal relationships, family life and social status?
If you strip everything away, you might be surprised at what is constant in your life, and what really doesn’t matter.
Could you let yourself go….?


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I am a young lady (in every sense of the word) ...and I love to write. I love to write about anything, it doesn't bother me, once I'm getting words onto the page I don't mind. I like to serve up a piece of myself for people to read, or glance over, it doesn't matter if my words stay with them for 2 minutes, or 2 years. Once I have a piece of myself out in this world, then I'm happy. Words on a page, make me shine. Especially if they are my own. And I love to shine. It's very hard to shine in this wonderful world of ours, these days. I've started a project on my Wordpress blog called "The Girl". I would love any feedback or any advice from readers about it. I would love to hear from you and I would love to read your blog too, so get in contact and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love this soo much, been there, took the chance sacrificed so much to be happy and live my life as the person I am today. Well written šŸ™‚



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